Baader Solar Viewer AstroSolar® solar eclipse observing glass


This is THE solution to see the partial phase of Solar Eclipses or even big sunspots with your own eyes! The product design is registered with the German patent Office. The glasses are Made in Germany. AstroSolar™-Silver Film has been specially developed for visual solar observation at zero magnification for use with solar viewers. This film is being solely used for production of the Solar Viewers. The neutral density of AstroSolar™ Silver Film likewise amounts to OD 5.0 and is CE-certified.

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This film has no added treatments to attain fine-optical properties necessary for high magnification work. It is not suited to being used for telescopes or camera lenses: When using precision-grade AstroSolar™ Safety Film for telescopes, perfect optical quality is most important. However – this film must be treated with great care since the metal and protective coatings applied onto both sides of the film are very similar in their technical properties to the reflective surface applied onto astronomical mirrors.

Since a Solar Viewer is used visually at zero magnification, the optical grade of the film is not of prime consideration. Instead it is most desirable to apply protective coatings of highest durability grade, to end up with a protective film of much higher resilience against in adverted rough handling. This is being achieved for AstroSolar Silver Film with its metal hard coated layers applied onto both sides of the film, making it scratch resistant without sacrificing in sharpness and without creating a double image of the Sun due to adding up several layers of dark and/or reflective film onto each other.

A single layer of AstroSolar™Silver Film provides a perfectly sharp and energy balanced solar image – including the ability of identifying large sunspots and without transmitting irresponsible amounts of infrared(heat) radiation as with simpler sooth-filled energy absorbent films which do not offer added IR-blocking by metal reflective coatings.

Due to the dual side metallization process designed for AstroSolar™ Silver Film, the film remains safe for a straight look into the Sun, even in case the front side of the viewer would suffer a scratch or mild kind of abuse. Still every solar viewer must always get a thorough inspection by the user to detect possible damages due to wrong handling and must be discarded in case a defect would be visible.

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