Omegon Suitcase with eyepieces and accessories


Eyepiece case with many accessories

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This small eyepiece case includes a useful set of accessories for the newcomer to astronomy. After having bought the telescope, people often don’t have the right accessories to be equipped for all spotting situations. In many cases, beginners find it difficult to decide which are the eyepieces and filters they need.
With this set of accessories, the problem of choosing the right thing is solved, since it contains all and everything you need to make a start.This includes eyepieces for various levels of magnification as well as contrast filters for lunar and planetary observation.

Case contents:
1 x Plössl eyepiece 32 mm
1 x Plössl eyepiece 12.5 mm
1 x Plössl eyepiece 6 mm
1 x Plössl eyepiece 4 mm
1 x Barlow lens 2x
1 x Green filter No. 56
1 x Red filter No. 23A
1 x Orange filter No. 21
1 x Yellow filter No. 12
1 x Blue filter No. 82A
1 x Polarizing filter
1 x Crystal View Moon filter


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