House of Science offers educational and entertaining programs on astronomy and space. These programs target schools, summer schools, and organized adult groups.

These programs are designed to be interactive, educational and informing about the exciting world of science and space.

The structure of our programs is based on the age and knowledge of the attendees, as well as the time of the visit (day or night). They take place at our “Cosmo-Theater”, the specially designed space that we have.

A typical visit, lasts from 1 to 2 hours, and may include:

  • Presentations on Science and Astronomy (Earth, Sun, Our Solar System, Stars, The Universe, Space Missions, etc.)
  • Educational and Recreational Activities:
    • View audiovisual material
    • Construction and Launch of a homemade rocket
    • Solar System construction
    • Experiments and Robotics
  • Telescope observation
    • During the day: Observation of the Sun with special solar telescopes.
    • Overnight: Uranography and observation of celestial bodies by telescopes.
Our Cosmo-Theatre
Watching a documentary in our Cosmotheatre