Omegon Magnum 1.25”, 8-24mm zoom


It’s many eyepieces together in the size of an eyepiece

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The Magnum Zoom provides you with a wide range of magnifications all combined in a single eyepiece, hence also saving space. So you will no longer have to make any decisions regarding which eyepiece you need! You will soon enjoy observing lunar craters, planets and deep sky objects.

The Magnum zoom eyepiece means you only need to invest in a single eyepiece. The steplessly variable focal length allows you to use many different magnifications anywhere between 8 and 24mm. So you only need to concentrate on using one eyepiece and can keep the object in view while slowly increasing the magnification. Also made for spectacle wearers with 17 to 22mm eye relief

Focal length (mm)  8-24
Apparent field of view (°)  51
Connection (to the telescope)  1,25″ 
Coating of optical system  Multi Coating
Number of lenses

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