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Omegon smartphone adapter


Do you want to use your smartphone or iPhone on your telescope? To take a quick photo of a bright and beautiful crescent Moon to remember the evening with? Or to show your friends your last Jupiter observation? All this is super-easy and quick with Omegon’s smartphone camera adapter.

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The advantages in a nutshell:

  • rigid camera adapter for your smartphone
  • for devices from 47mm to 75mm in width
  • rubberized clamp for 1.25″ eyepieces (34-37mm diameter)
  • suitable for high-magnification projection photography
  • suitable for snapshots of the Moon and planets
  • the monitor on your smartphone can be used to show others the Moon and other objects.
  • illustrated manual

A secure connection

The Omegon camera adapter creates a secure connection – a bridge between your telescope and your smartphone. Simply clamp your device to your eyepiece with the adapter – hey presto, your smartphone is turned into an astronomy camera!

Suitable for most phones

It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have – almost all models can be clamped and are easy to adjust. Even larger smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 or S6 fit perfectly in this adapter.

Total flexibility – the huge range of adjustment makes the Omegon smartphone adapter universal. Smartphones can be steplessly adjusted in both the vertical and horizontal planes. This lets you set the camera lens directly in front of your eyepiece, hence allowing you to snap your favourite objects.

Show your images and videos

The cameras in modern smartphones have become so good that they can also be used for real photography. Of course, they cannot replace astronomical CCD cameras, but they are not envisaged to be able to do that. Astrophotography with a smartphone has one purpose – to be quick and easy.

You do not only take images for yourself, but in order that they can be seen and enjoyed by others. No other device or camera can be used to take images as quickly and easily as a smartphone. So take advantage of the advanced features of your smartphone – such as social networks, and show your friends what you have been doing.

All compatible smartphones can be looked up in the “download” tab.

Our expert comment:

Does your smartphone fit into this adapter? You can find out here – where there is a list of many smartphones together with their dimensions.


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