Solar telescope 6×30 Mini Sunocular OD5 Red


This solar telescope is a binocular – or vice versa. The Sunocular is a handy binoculars for sun observing. It is ideal for simple and absolutely safe observation of solar spots and solar eclipses, as well as for observing Mercury or Venus transits in front of the sun.

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The Sunocular has glass-mounted white -light solar filters , which provide 100% safety. This is the name Lunt Solar Systems , a very well-known manufacturer of sunspots and filters. The sunlight is reduced to a comfortable 0.00001% for the observer and the dangerous ultraviolet radiation is completely blocked.

Since the filters are installed permanently, this binoculars is only suitable for sun observation . Therefore you can find it in the shop also with the Sonnenteleskopen and not binoculars sorted.

The Sunocular also offers a lot of advantages, especially for ambitious sun observers : keep yourself on the move at any time during the work or on vacation through the development of sun spots. Thanks to the carrying strap, which is not to high eight fold magnification, the relatively low weight and the large eye distance, one can hold the Sunocular very well in the hand.

Type of build
Solar white light
Aperture (mm)
Tube construction Full tube
Included accessories
Carrying bagno
Total weight (kg)0,16
Length (mm)105
Width (mm)110
Area of application
Sun yes
Astrophotography no
Moon & Planets no
Nature Observation no
Nebulae & galaxies no
Recommended for Observatories no
Advanced no
Beginners yes


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