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SF100 solar filter Size 9: 215mm to 273mm


The German manufacturer euro EMC offers solar observation filters under the name SF 100. The filter material is Baader’s much proven AstroSolar film with an optical density of 5 – ideal for safe visual observing.

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Lens solar filter for observation in white light

  • The filter foil is clamped flat between two rings of aluminum
  • Infinitely adjustable clamp on the tube
  • Suitable for all telescopic construction with the exception of Schiefspiegler, including Finder scopes and binoculars
  • The secure fixing of the solar filter on tube or dew shield carried by four threaded columns of poly-amide with a precisely controlled clamping action. The filters can, if required, eg for public tours are additionally secured and can then only be deliberately removed.

Is used which is known for its excellent optical quality filter film AstroSolar Baader Planetarium density of ND5 for visual and photographic applications.

In case of damage, the film can be easily replaced.

Which filter fits your telescope? Under the “Downloads” tab you will find a PDF that shows you all available filter sizes. Look at all the size range of the outer diameter for which the filter can be attached. You can not connect directly from the telescope aperture on the filter size, especially since many instruments a dew cap is firmly attached. Measure so best by yourself the outer diameter of the telescope.



  • Free transmission – (mm) 207
  • Mount material – Aluminium
  • Frame – Lens Filters


  • Series – SF 100
  • Variant Name – Size 9
  • Type – Solar Filters
  • Type of build – White Light
  • Diameter on the outside – (mm)271


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