Omegon Eyepiece Cronus WA 7 mm 1,25″


Incredible eyepiece that is perfect for beginners while supporting long eye relief.

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  • Cronus eyepiece is comfortable for observing as it has 16mm of eye relief making it suitable for spectacle wearers with an eyecup that can be rotated up. It has a wide-angle 60° field of view with multi -coating on all air/glass surfaces.
  • Cronus eyepieces are not sensitive to being viewed precisely along the optical axis, they can also be viewed somewhat off-centre through the eyepiece. Many eyepieces will immediately show a black shadow if used off-centre.


Focal length (mm) 
Connection (to the telescope)  1,25″ 
Apparent field of view (°)  60 
Eye relief (mm)  16 
Coating of optical system  Multiple
Number of Lenses 6

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