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Protective covers from Geoptik

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Sometimes you need to be able to leave your telescope to stand outside – perhaps to take a break or simply when leaving the telescope set up and aligned for use next time, e.g. on the terrace or in the garden. But, within a short period of time, your beautiful instrument can become wet with dew. And, even if it is kept in a sheltered area, it can also slowly accumulate dirt. Geoptik covers come in very handy for solving these problems.

The new gold covers are made from a Mylar foil that reflects the heat of the sun. This material was developed by NASA as an insulator for the Space Shuttle and is therefore extremely tear-resistant.

Some specifications:

– waterproof

– washable

– highly reflective (preventing overheating of the telescope under the cover.)

– inhibits condensation on the telescope when under the cover

– extremely tear-resistant and so very durable

– thermally stable – in particular, the material does not become stiff in extreme cold.

Length (mm)1600
Width (mm)1200
Type Transport & storage


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