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Omegon 80/400 AZ -3 – compact travel and cometary telescope. A long time travelling on a long journey, an adventurer in the sky – comets are wanderers from the depths of our solar system and some come to visit us. Look up at the sky and marvel at the astronomical show. The Omegon 80/400 AZ-3 is an optimal companion for your observing. This telescope is so light and so compact that you can simply pick it up and carry it outside to point at comets. It also provides a really wide field of view with its 80mm aperture and 400mm focal length. The slow-motions on the AZ- 3 mount let you easily get on the heels of comets and find them virtually automatically.

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The 80/400 optics – For heaven and Earth: Whether for astronomical or terrestrial observing – the Omegon 80/400 OTA lets you do both. This type of telescope has become known as a ‘rich field’ telescope or a ‘comet finder’. The field of view is just so large that you can take in a huge swathe of the night sky. Comet searchers appreciate telescopes with short focal lengths. Great for ‘space walks’ – of course the telescope also provides great views of the famous Andromeda galaxy and many open clusters.

Are you also a keen nature-watcher? Then you can also use this telescope for observing deer near a forest’s edge, steep cliffs with chamois in the mountains, or distant ships on a lake. And when it gets dark, then you can dive into the universe once again.

The 80/400 OTA – for the heavens and the Earth: Whether for astronomy or terrestrial observing – the Omegon 80/400 OTA allows both. This kind of telescope has become known as a ‘rich-field’ telescope or ‘comet finder’. The field of view is so large that it allows you to observe a huge swathe of the night sky. Comet discoverers value telescopes with a short focal length. You can go on your own ‘spacewalk’ – naturally the telescope also provides a great view of the famous Andromeda galaxy and many open clusters.

Are you an avid nature-watcher too? Then you can use the telescope for observing deer at the edge of a forest, chamois on steep rocky slopes in the mountains or distant ships at sea. And, when it gets dark again, you can once again immerse yourself in the universe.

The Omegon AZ-3 mount – Precision tracking via slow-motions on both axes: An altazimuth mount with slow motion controls on two axes – the AZ-3 mount lets you follow any object, whether in the night sky or on the earth. Simply put the object in the field of view, and then use the slow motion controls to track the object in the direction required as you are observing it. So your mount lets you easily follow objects – even at higher magnifications. This means you are free to enjoy your observing more, as the tracking is entirely intuitive.

A large central screw lets you decide whether you prefer to track horizontally (e.g. when terrestrially observing) or track while pointing upwards at the sky. This allows you to reach any point you want to observe. The telescope mount lets you move in any direction to give you the all-round view you need – the AZ-3 mount is fully 360° rotatable.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • Short focal length cometary telescope
  • Huge field of view for great visual panoramas
  • Live comets – ideal for finding currently visible comets
  • Also suitable for observing other extended astronomical objects
  • Wide range of magnifications possible – accepts standard 1.25″ eyepieces
  • AZ-3 mount and tripod provide a stable base for the optics
  • Accurately track astronomical objects – slow-motions on both axes

Type Refractor
Type of build Achromat
Aperture (mm) 80
Focal length (mm) 400
Aperture ratio (f/) 5
Resolving capacity 1,44
Limit value (mag) 11,3
Light gathering capacity 130
Max. useful magnification 160
Tube construction Full tube

Type of build Gear rack
Connection ( to eyepiece) 1,25″

Type of build AZ-3
Mounting type Azimuthal
Go To control no

Material Aluminium
Type Tripod

Included accessories
1.25” eyepieces Super 20mm, Super 10mm
Finder scope  Red dot finder
Barlow Lens –
Deviating optics 1.25″, 90° star diagonal

Series Basic
Special recommendation yes
Area of application
Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies not recommended
Nature Observation yes
Astrophotography not recommended
Sun not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)
Recommended for
Beginners yes
Advanced no
Observatories no

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