Zoomion Telescope Spaceboy 50 AZ


An ideal children’s toy for an inexpensive introduction to astronomy, offering a real, magnified view of the Moon and its craters.

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The stars and universe are fascinating even for the youngest of us. But if the kids suddenly start asking questions about astronomy and want to look at the Moon and its craters, you don’t want to spend 500 Euros or more on something when you have no idea how long their interest will last. This small, light telescope is ideal for exactly these kinds of situations.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • ideal for children 6 years of age and older
  • compact, handy and simply designed
  • real, magnified view of the Moon

Putting everything together is quite straightforward – even for parents who are not amateur astronomers. As the magnification is not too high, children will quickly learn to locate and focus on astronomical objects – with a little initial support from parents. And because the telescope is so small, it can also be quickly packed away and taken over to friends or on holiday.


Type  Refractor 
Type of build  Achromat 
Aperture (mm) 50 
Focal length (mm) 500 
Aperture ratio (f/)  10 
Max. useful magnification  100
Eyepieces 12.5mm, 20mm
Weight 1.6kg

Additional information

Weight 3 kg





Moon – Planets, Terrestrial Viewing


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