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TFA Dostmann 30.3045.IT Wireless thermo-hygrometer


Checked at the same time the room as well as the outdoor climate and makes a recommendation whether a open or close the window would improve the indoor climate at the moment.

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Too moist room air is bad for your health and encourages the development of mildew and dangerous mold.
But also a too dry air, our well-being and our health leg harmonious. Skin, mucous membranes and respiratory organs are loaded and animals, plants, wooden floors and furniture suffering with.
Through the control of temperature and humidity and active ventilation, you can achieve a comfortable and healthy living climate. The air in the room is too damp, ventilate in winter, when it’s cold outside, wet and also is wet, first of all, doesn’t make sense. But cold air can only little or no moisture again. This air enters into the apartment, it is heated. And now, the air much more water vapor.
This relationship between temperature and relative humidity is taken into account and goes into the ventilation recommended.

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Highlights & Details

  • Ventilation recommendations
  • Indoor and outdoor climate comparison


  • Comfort zone indicator for the Interior (DRY, COMFORT or wet)
  • Display symbols, whether open or close the window, the room climate is changed (MORE WET, NO CHANGE, MORE DRY)
  • Symbols (Open/closed window) for the recommended window position
  • °C/°F display
  • Storage of MIN/MAX values for temperature and air humidity
  • All MIN/MAX memory value can be reset
  • Low battery indicator
  • Wall mount option
  • Alternating display of outdoor temperature and air humidity on the LCD of the sensor.

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