Playfoam® Sand Sensory Set


Dig into fine motor skills development with Playfoam® Sand Sensory Set. Super soft pliable Playfoam Sand behaves like modelling clay when it’s moulded, and sculpted, and like sand when it’s sifted and squished. It’s perfect for sensory sand play anywhere, anytime! Dig into soft sensory and fine motor skills play with this play sand set that includes 4 kinds of fine motor tools children can use to scoop, shape, mould, cut, and sculpt.

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Perfect for sensory sand play, anywhere, anytime, Playfoam Sand Sensory Set includes fun fine motor tools.

  • The Playfoam Sand Sensory Set includes everything you need for irresistible, tactile fun you can feel. It includes soft Playfoam Sand, and fine motor tools perfect for stamping, digging, squeezing, and moulding.
  • As children scoop, sculpt, cut, squish, shape, and more, they build fine motor skills and hand strength through fun sensory sand play.
  • Playfoam sand behaves like modelling clay when it’s sculpted and moulded, and like sand when it’s sifted and squished. What’s more, Playfoam Sand never dries out, so the fun sand play never ends!
  • This set includes a sensory bin (doubles as package), 3 colours of Playfoam Sand (blue, pink, and green), 2 stampers, 1 double-sided roller/shovel, 1 double-sided stamper/poker, and 1 scissor scoopers.
  • Note: Playfoam Sand may transfer colour to surfaces. Please be sure to cover all play surfaces or test surfaces before placing Playfoam Sand on them.


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