Numberblocks Stampoline Park Stamp Activity Set


With reusable stamps and washable inks in the Numberblocks unique colours, children can create their own Numberblocks adventures based on the popular Stampoline Park episode. 

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This 32-piece Numberblocks craft kit includes 20 stamps to create the Numberblocks One to Ten, and 12 ink pads with washable inks. It’s ideal for Numberblocks-inspired creative activities in the classroom or at home.

These are the CBeebies Numberblocks toys that allow children to express their creativity and bring to life their very own Numberblocks Stampoline Park adventures!

  • Inspired by the popular Numberblocks episode, this Numberblocks crafts kit is a fun way to bring the on-screen magic of the Numberblocks to life through creative activities.
  • This set is ideal for use in classrooms or at home for Numberblocks creative arts and crafts activities and includes everything children need to create their own adventures inspired by the Stampoline Park episode in one convenient kit.
  • The 32-piece set includes 10 ink pads with washable inks in the unique Numberblocks colours which children use to recreate the Numberblocks One to Ten. Then use the black and red ink pads to create facial expressions.
  • All the inks are machine washable.
  • Pieces store inside the convenient and durable cardboard case with carry handle.
  • Includes 1 face and 1 blank square for each of the Numberblocks One to Ten, and 12 ink pads.

Suitable for boy & girl
Suitable for ages 3+


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