Omegon StereoView, incident + translucent light, 80x, LED


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The Omegon StereoView binocular microscope starts you on a journey of discovery through nature. One often has no idea at all what this normally invisible world has in store – the world of the microcosm. Explore the fine structure of leaves, examine insects close up. Or marvel at cube-shaped mineral crystals, whose beauty can only really be seen under the microscope.

All this is quite easy – simply put a specimen under the microscope and examine it. This makes the stereo microscope suitable for both interested adults and children.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • relaxed observing using both eyes
  • 20-80X magnification
  • simply place a specimen under the microscope and examine it
  • no preparations or thin sections necessary
  • comes with two pairs of eyepieces included
  • 3 different lighting levels
  • long-lived and super-bright LED illumination
  • power supply via mains adapter or batteries


Lighting  Incident light and transmitted light 
Lamp type LED (adjustable)
Magnification  20,40,80 (20, 40, 80)
Image scale  2, 4
Eyepiece  10, 20 (Wide-angle eyepiece)
Condensor – 
Power supply Power plug

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