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Omegon Eyepiece LE Planetary 9mm 1,25”


Omegon LE Planetary eyepieces – powerful eyepieces for star-studded excursions through the night sky

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These eyepieces offer an extraordinary combination of elegance and top optical performance to enhance your observations.

The LE Planetary eyepieces from Omegon have been engineered for extremely high sharpness and contrast at levels not found in this class.
The Omegon LE Planetary eyepieces have an outstanding optical design that caters precisely to the needs of stargazers.
Even with Newton telescopes with a fast lens, the LE Planetary eyepieces offer absolute distortion-free images up to the extremes of the field of view.
All lens edges are blackened and glass/air surfaces coated with a multi-layer, high-impact anti-reflex coating.
Compared with similar eyepieces, tests produced greater transparency and more brilliant images with a dark sky background and no interfering stray light.


Focal length (mm) 9
Apparent field of view (°) 55
Eye relief (mm) 20
Number of lenses 7
Number of groups 4
Connection (to the telescope) 1,25″
Coating of optical system multiple

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