Omegon Dobson telescope Advanced N 152/1200


Omegon Advanced Dobson telescope – for a silkily smooth ride into the universe

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Treat your eyes to a new look at the universe. The Omegon Dobsonian telescope gives you clear views of planets, nebulae and galaxies. Even at high magnifications, you can move the rockerbox mount around quickly and easily to point at any target in the night sky!

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • get started immediately -complete telescope with accessories
  • 150mm aperture -your entry into the world of deep sky observing
  • High-quality parabolic mirror provides a sharp image
  • new friction system for balancing heavy eyepieces

The optics -high contrast and sharp photos thanks to the parabolic mirror

Good optics are the heart of every telescope – the parabolic mirror here provides an image that is sharp right out to its edge. All this for a viewing experience during which you may well forget that you are still on the Earth and only ‘travelling’ with your eyes.

Crayford focuser – so you always have a sharp image.

Every Omegon advanced Dobsonian telescope comes supplied with a 2-inch Crayford focuser. It is what holds your eyepiece in place, which you then observe through. Simply rotate the focus ring to set the precise point of focus for your eye. Multiple ball-bearings ensure millimetre-accurate focusing.

Explore deep space with this telescope

Photos of globular clusters or hydrogen nebulae inspire everyone. However, most people have rarely had the opportunity to observe these objects directly themselves. This 150mm Dobsonian telescope lets you do exactly this. While globular clusters appear faint and uninteresting in smaller telescopes, this telescope lets you experience globular clusters as much brighter objects that can be resolved into individual stars.

Tip: Take a look at M13 – the bright globular cluster in Hercules. You will feel as if you are sinking into a sea of stars!

These objects can be seen with the telescope

  • globular clusters
  • planetary nebulae
  • open clusters
  • hydrogen nebulae
  • planets and comets
  • the brighter galaxies

New friction system – even suitable for heavy accessories

The problem with many Dobsonian telescopes is when using a heavy eyepiece. The instrument becomes top-heavy, which is difficult to compensate for. The newly developed friction system welcomes even heavy eyepieces. A handy central screw lets you adjust the balance for telescopes and accessories within a matter of seconds.

Experience the night sky with your own eyes with this Dobsonian telescope. Discover countless astronomical objects or the planets in our solar system. The telescope consists of just two sections and can hence be assembled in just a few minutes to be ready for observing.

Included in delivery

  • Dobsonian telescope with 152mm parabolic mirror
  • focuser
  • LED finder
  • eyepiece tray
  • rocker box



Type Reflector
Type of build Newton
Aperture (mm) 152
Focal length (mm) 1200
Aperture ratio (f/) 7,9
Resolving capacity 0,77
Limit value (mag) 12,7
Light gathering capacity 470
Max. useful magnification 304
Tube weight (kg) 5,3
tube diameter (mm) 180
Tube length (mm) 1120
Tube construction Full tube


Type of build Crayford
Connection ( to eyepiece) 2


Mounting type Dobson
Type of build Dobson
GoTo control no
Tracking no
Weight (kg) 9,5


Type Rockerbox
Material Wood
Accessory plate yes
Colour black

Included accessories

1.25” eyepieces K 25mm, K 10mm
Finder scope Red dot finder
Eyepiece adaptor 1,25″ – 2″


Total weight (kg) 15,5
Series Advanced
Special recommendation yes

Area of application

Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Nature Observation not recommended
Astrophotography not recommended
Sun not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

recommended for

Beginners yes
Advanced yes
Observatories no

Additional information

Weight 3 kg



Deep Sky, Moon – Planets



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