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Nancy B’s Science Club® Mighty Microbes Lab and Germ Journal


Nancy B, a real-life scientist has designed a range of child-friendly science tools that will inspire curiosity in young minds.

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  • Attractive set provides an introduction to using scientific equipment
  • Easy-to-use tools encourage children to work independently
  • Suggested experiments encourage learners to:
    • Make discoveries about bacteria
    • Watch bacteria grow
    • Count bacteria colonies
    • Learn about different germs
    • Develop an understanding of how germs impact them and the food they eat
  • Encourages observation and recording data skills as children note their findings in the journal
  • Includes everything needed to learn about microbes:
    • 4 plastic petri dishes  
    • 250ml round-bottomed flask with volume markings
    • Flask stopper featuring hole
    • Spreader for spreading bacteria
    • Sturdy waterproof colony counter grid
    • 8x magnification loupe
    • Plastic tweezers
    • Funnel
    • Pipette
    • Latex-free gloves
    • Packet of nutrient agar
  • Includes recipe for making more agar


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