Moon and Skyglow filter 1.25″ neodymium (Baader Filters)


This filter was designed to transmit the maximum amount of incoming light, while suppressing skyglow due to artificial lighting and background glow when the Moon is up. The filter material is a special Neodymium glass that effectively filters out selective wavelengths of low-pressure sodium and other man-made sources. Please note that this is NOT a moon filter, although it will enhance contrast in views of the moon. To dim the moon to a comfortable viewing brightness we recommend a neutral density filter which can be used to greater effect when combined with this Neodymium filter.

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This filter is available in 1.25″ (BPMS125) and 2″ (BPMS2) sizes .

  • The best visual and photographic filter for contrast enhancement for all telescopes, without loss of image brightness!
  • The effect of the element neodymium as filter material is very impressive. When added to optical glass, it enhances contrast, enhances the red color in the image (especially with Mars and Jupiter) and it darkens the spectral region which is particularly marked by street lamp light, which is the biggest contributor to the nightly “Skyglow”.
  • Planoptically polished and MC-coated – with IR-cut coatings!, without any loss of sharpness as a single filter in front of a binocular or be used for afocal projection with digital cameras (far from the focal point!)
  • The IR spectral range is blocked making stars much sharper when used with DSLRs.

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