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Inside3 Display NoVice 12 Pack


A three-dimensional maze that is played… blind!

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Let the ball roll freely… watch it get lost (deliberately) in the darkness of the maze… and try to get it out the other side!
To do so, just follow the diagram engraved on one side of the cube!

Are you lost? There is a solution!
Each engraved outline corresponds to a level of an inner “disk” of the cube.
The first “disk” is on the top left and the last one on the bottom right. Be careful though, the start for the ball is not at the top left edge of the first “disk”.

A small black square on each level corresponds to a hole in the disc to allow your ball to descend and continue its path to the finish line!

In more detail: 

Cube maze puzzle – Level 1 // 2 pieces

Cube Labyrinth – Level 2 // 4 pieces

Cube Labyrinth – Level 3 // 4 pieces

Cube Labyrinth cube – Level 4 // 2 pieces

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