Dr. Beaker Board Game


Mix like real chemists, together with Dr. BEAKER!

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Each player has a test tube with six places around its edge for the “molecules”, which are represented by plastic balls of three colours. In the center of the test tube you will see 2 more positions, but also the entire inner surface rotate clockwise and counterclockwise for actual chemical compounds! Each player also has a special shuffling tool and when someone flips over a challenge card, everyone must quickly sort the molecules inside their test tube to match the pattern depicted on the card. Attention! The only way to get the molecules in the right order is to use the special tool by moving the molecules around the test tube, within the free spaces on the test tube. Once a player has made the pattern of the card in their tube, they immediately flip over a new card and everyone continues to play with whatever order the molecules are now in! Whoever, first to win five cards, wins!

Contents: – 4 beakers – 4 mixing sticks – 24 coloured balls (8 orange, 8 purple, 8 green) – 50 challenge cards

Skills: – Processing speed – Visual perception – Motor skill – Problem solving

2 – 4 Persons | Age 8 + | Duration 15 min

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