Great Atlas of Space


See the Sun, the Moon and the planets of our solar system up close, land on an exoplanet or an asteroid, cross the Milky Way, watch stars being born and dying. Experience the first moment of time, the Big Bang, and prepare for the end of the universe, the Bing Rip!

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‘- Board a fantastic spaceship and launch yourself into space to discover the planets, the stars and the Milky Way!
– Read about the latest space missions and their discoveries!
– Find out all the details about the exciting colonisation projects on the Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus, about the mining and exploration of the moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus, mining on asteroids and fantastic journeys through wormholes!
– Is there life elsewhere in the universe? In this book, you’ll find out!

Free app with 50 space videos!

Cover: Hard
ISBN: 978-960-617-376-9
Barcode: 9789606173769
First Edition: 21/09/2020
Dimensions: 28,5 x 28,5 cm.
Pages: 52
Age: 8+ years


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