Encyclopedia of the Universe


Human curiosity knows no boundaries. This led our ancestors to observe the sky with interest and to begin to study it. Once
they looked up, they wondered: How were the stars formed? How was the Earth formed? Where did the Sun and the Moon come from? What are planets made of? What is our place in the universe?

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This book takes us on a magical journey from Earth itself, our home, to our solar system, the Milky Way, the stars and the vast, unexplored universe. We learn about black holes and the Big Bang, observe the star charts, learn about the space missions that have been carried out so far, and at the end of the book, in the special section on life in space, we become astronauts ourselves and prepare our luggage for space journeys beyond imagination!

Cover: Hard
ISBN: 978-960-617-657-9
Barcode: 9789606176579
First Edition: 29/11/2021
Dimensions: 23,9 x 29,2 cm.
Pages: 176
Age: 12+ years


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