Filters Pro 1.25” OIII CCD filter


Omegon pro OIII filter – the planetary nebulae ace. This filter shows you just what is possible with your telescope! – superior observing of planetary nebulae and supernova remnants. A nebula that you might previously have only dimly glimpsed suddenly pops out clearly in front of your eye. Go and have a look out there!

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The advantages in a nutshell:

  • Enhances planetary nebulae and supernova remnants
  • 12nm bandpass – darkens the sky and enhances the nebula
  • Suitable for telescopes from 200mm aperture upwards
  • Comes with its own test certificate
  • Dreamlike contrast – see significantly more nebula

This is made possible by the technology employed with this interference filter. It allows through the narrow range of wavelengths from doubly ionized oxygen. Whether under a light polluted or a pristine dark sky – this filter allows you to see objects more clearly because it enhances the contrast between the object and background of the night sky. This filter has a 12nm bandpass, so it only allows a very narrow range of light frequencies to pass through. It and also keeps unwanted stray light away.
When you first see the Veil nebula in Cygnus using the filter you will be thrilled. Without a filter, any detail can only be observed with very large instruments. But the OIII filter lets its unexpected extent be seen even in small telescopes. You will see the universe with completely new eyes.
You can also observe:
Dumbbell nebula, M27
Omega nebula, M17
Owl nebula, M97
Eagle nebula, M16
and many more
For which telescopes?

The Omegon pro OIII filter is ideal for medium and large telescopes – perfect for apertures of 200mm and upwards. It can also be used with small telescopes when used at low magnification.

Mount materialAluminium
Connection (to the telescope)
Type of buildline filter
Area of application
Anti light-pollutionyes
Hydrogen nebulae-
Planetary nebulae yes
Central stars-
Supernova remains yes
Useful for photographs yes
Visually useful


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