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Omegon premium Moon filter – To ensure that your lunar observing is fun.

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Does the Moon appear far too bright when observing it through your telescope? The Omegon Moon filter reduces the brightness and increases contrast. It screws easy into your eyepiece, permitting relaxed observing and stopping the Moon from dazzling you.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • Omegon neutral density filter – tones down moonlight for more comfortable observing
  • neutral image – the Moon retains its natural appearance
  • high contrast – discover thousands of craters and fine structures
  • for your eyepiece – fits onto any eyepiece with a filter thread

The Moon is too bright – tone it down a bit

The Moon can be so bright that you can easily read a newspaper by its light at night. But anyone looking through a telescope will note just how bright the Moon really is. It often irritates the retina and dazzles the eye in unpleasantly. No wonder – the full Moon is 25,000 times brighter than the brightest star in the night sky. So having a neutral density filter is definitely an ‘ace up your sleeve’ when observing the brighter lunar phases.

Filter with 25% light transmission

This filter is ideal for smaller and medium-sized telescopes up to a diameter of 150mm. The 25% light transmission reduces the brightness of the moonlight, allowing you to observe the Moon at any time – in comfort and without glare.

Polished glass for a clear view

You are purchasing a first class product with the Omegon Moon filter – a polished glass filter held in an anodised aluminium mount. The filter glass has been ground and stained throughout the entire glass volume. This avoidance of using a superficial coating means that it cannot wear out, even after many years of use.

A Moon filter belongs in the eyepiece case of every amateur astronomer. But, above all, it is a must for comfortable lunar observing.


  • Mount material – Aluminium
  • Connection (to the telescope) – 1,25″
  • Frame – 1,25″
  • Transmission – 25


  • Series – Basic
  • Type – Filters
  • Type of build – Moon filter

Area of application

  • Anti light-pollution -No
  • Hydrogen nebulae – No
  • Planetary nebulae – No
  • Comets – No
  • Central stars – No
  • Supernova remains – No
  • Useful for photographs – No
  • Visually useful – Yes



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