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We’ve paired our best optics with our best technology to make an incredible versatile and portable telescope system. Now, enjoy EdgeHD 8” optics and StarSense AutoAlign on the renowned Evolution mount, all controlled from your favorite tablet or phone.

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Evolution -the next step in portable telescopes!

  • Built-in WLAN module – Instead of using the hand controller, you can also wirelessly control the NexStar Evolution with your iOS or Android SmartPhone or with a tablet. Use the free Celestron SkyPortal app,which includes planetarium software and SkyAlign! Of course you can also use the classical NexStar hand control with the telescopes too.
  • Lithium-ion battery – Forget cable clutter or having to use expensive ‘Power Tanks’! The built-in (and replaceable) battery can power the telescope for one night (ten hours) and even allows you to recharge your smartphone via USB port. The enclosed power pack included lets you recharge the built-in battery.
  • Even more ergonomic – Celestron’s innovative product design, first introduced with CPC telescopes, can now also be found in NexStar telescopes. These include not only a more powerful drive, but also many small touches that make observing more comfortable – a very stable tripod whose accessory tray does not need to be removed before folding it up. The flat surface of the mount also serves as a place for keeping your eyepieces handy and has been provided with rubber armouring. A very discreet red light helps you locates your accessories more easily in the dark. A handle located on the fork arm and a handhold on the fork base makes the mount very easy to handle.


  • 8” EdgeHD Optics – Provides superb visual and astro-imaging performance, free of coma and field curvature.
  • Rechargeable lithium-iron battery – With enough power for 10 hours of continuous observing
  • Built-in WiFi – No Hand controller required! Just use your smartphone or tablet which connects to the telescope via WiFi.
  • StarSense Auto Align – Automatically aligns your telescope and works with the SkyPortal app for complete wireless control.
  • Fastar/HyperStar compatible – Image deep sky objects in seconds at f/2, often eliminating the need to autoguide or track on a wedge.
  • NexStar Evolution Mount – Packed with convenient features, including manual release clutches and precision machined worm gears for both axes, tray lighting, USB charge port, tray lighting for your accessories, and more.
  • Fully motorized computer GoTo – After automatically aligning with StarSense, select and go to objects with a tap on your smartphone.

The Celestron EdgeHD telescope: Corrected image – sharp right up to the edges!

  • EdgeHD is the name for Celestron’s “aplanatic Schmidt Cassegrain telescope”. After over 50 years of success, Celestron has revolutionised the classic Schmidt Cassegrain telescope.
  • EdgeHD telescopes ( “Edge High Definition”) are true astrographs. This optical system delivers distortion-free, sharp images right to the edge of the visual field. This means that not only the coma outwith the optical axis is corrected, as is the case in currently available “coma-free” lens designs, but also field curvature.
  • Lots of optical systems are advertised as “astrographs”. As desired, they display stars with pin-sharp clarity, but along a curved image plane. Photographing this using a camera results in a noticeable image field curvature which rises towards the edge of the image field, resulting in increasing star size and aberations with larger sensors. The stars at the edge expand into small rings (“doughnuts”). As well as the coma, the Celestron Edge HD telescopes correct field curvature right up to the edge of the image. This also significantly improves resolution and magnitude limits in comparison to rival optical systems.

The XLT(Extra Light Transmission) multi-coating helps to give the EdgeHD scopes a significant performance boost compared to similar systems on the market.

The Edge HD telescopes’ mechanisms and lens tube have been fully overhauled:

  • Mirror clamps hold the primary mirror securely in any desired position without putting pressure on the optical elements. The image is stable, even during long exposure times.
  • Air vents behind the primary mirror provide fast air exchange so that the lens cools amazingly quickly. Thanks to an air filter system, dust is prevented from entering the lens tube.



  • Type – Reflector
  • Type of build – EdgeHD/Cassegrain
  • Aperture – (mm) 203
  • Focal Length – (mm) 2032
  • Resolving Capacity – 0,57
  • Light Gathering Capacity – 840
  • Max. Useful Magnification – 406
  • Tube Weight – (kg) 6,3
  • Aperture Ratio – (f/) 10
  • Tube Length – (mm) 432
  • Tube Material – Aluminium
  • Coating – Starbright XLT (Extra Light Transmission)
  • Tube Construction – Full tube


  • Ventilation for central mirror – Yes
  • Secondary mirror obstruction – 33,8
  • Main mirror’s construction – Spherical


  • Type of build – Primary mirror focusing
  • Connection ( to eyepiece) – 1,25″
  • Connecting thread (telescope side) – SC
  • Gear reduction – Without


  • Mounting type – Azimuthal
  • GoTo control – Yes
  • Battery compartmentyes (Rechargeable battery)
  • Motors – Servomotors
  • Load capacity – (kg) 11
  • Weight – (kg) 7

GoTo control

  • Alignment method – StarSense AutoAlign
  • Database -120.000 Data
  • GPS – Yes
  • Software – NexStar
  • GoTo Language – German, English, French, Spanish, Italian


  • Material – Steel
  • Type – Tripod
  • Tripod leg diameter –  (mm) 38,1
  • Accessory plate – Yes

Included accessories

  • Power pack – Υes
  • 1.25” eyepieces – 13mm, 40mm
  • Deviating optics – 1.25″, 90° star diagonal
  • Transport cases – Νo
  • Finder scope – Red dot finder
  • Corrector – Ιntegrated
  • Carrying handle – Υes
  • Dew Shield – Νo


  • Series – NexStar Evo
  • Total weight – (kg)18,4

Area of application

  • Astrophotography – Υes
  • Moon & Planets – Υes (very good)
  • Nature Observation – Νo
  • Sun Observation – Νο (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

Recommended For:

  • Beginners – Yes
  • Advanced – Yes
  • Observatories – No


Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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