Beaker Creatures® Monsterglow Lab


Are you ready to make new glowing, ghoulish science discoveries? Uncover the secrets and science behind the glow with the Beaker Creatures Monsterglow Lab. 

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This real working kids’ experiment lab set helps your little creatures scientists build fun STEM skills with experiments inspired by biology, chemistry, and astronomy! Explore the 16-page full-color experiment booklet to learn facts about bio luminescence, make your own glowing slime and cobwebs, and more! There are more than 10 spooky experiments to master!

The Beaker Creatures Monsterglow Lab includes exclusive creature lab components – spin up your glowing creations with the twisting, twirling centrifuge, or activate your black light blaster to trigger a glowing reaction. The Beaker Creatures Monsterglow Lab also comes with two Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods featuring collectible glow-in-the-dark Monsterglow creatures to add to your Beaker Creatures collection!

Suitable for boy & girl
Suitable for ages 5+



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