Omegon VisioStar Microscope 40x-400x, LED


For everyone: mysterious insights into the microcosm

Have you always wanted to take a look at the microcosm? It should be good but at the same time affordable?

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The VisioStar microscope offers you easy access and astounding good quality. With clear optics and a bright LED light it’s fun to marvel at giant plant cross-sections, pollen or insect specimens. A simple way for everyone to experience the nature of tiny things – without any previous knowledge but with a lasting impression.

The features at a glance:

  • Clear optics: you experience a noticeably clear view and you can see the invisible with your own eyes, fantastically large and in focus
  • Incident and transmitted light: select the optimum illumination for even better contrast
  • Large field of view: even at high magnification you enjoy a wide overview, so that you see a large area of your specimen
  • 40-400x magnification: immerse yourself in the object
  • Practical: 5 prepared slides included so that you can get started right away
  • Dimmable LED illumination: bathe your specimen in bright light, so even at the highest magnification it is as if you are observing in sunlight. With its own filter wheel you can increase the contrast.

Put your object in place and start observing straight away

Microscopy is not only reserved for researchers or very experienced observers. Anyone who is curious about nature should have access to microscopy. With VisioStar you succeed straight away. Simply get going, for example with a thinly-cut specimen. And you’ll be amazed how deeply you can penetrate into cells and fibres with this high-quality but amazingly reasonable microscope.

Or set a fresh or opaque specimen on the object table, for example from your own garden. The selectable LED lighting sets your object wonderfully on centre stage. Therefore this microscope is also suitable for children and is fun for the whole family.

Convenient viewing: 360° view at 45°

So that your observing is as enjoyable as possible, the VisioStar offers you a 45° viewing angle. Very practical: so you can observe comfortably seated, even for long periods of time. The eyepiece tube can rotate through 360°: another advantage for viewing pleasure.

400x magnification

An eyepiece (WF 10x) and three different lenses in the objective lens turret. This allows you to select your desired level of magnification from 40x to 400x. For a microscope in this class these are sensible levels of magnification. You always benefit from a clear image rich in contrast.

Dual LED illumination with power supply

With biological microscopes, such as the Omegon Monovision, the light comes from below. It is a bright field transmitted light microscope and perfectly suitable for most observing. The VisioStar has strong LED illumination to ensure that your excursion into the microcosm is really enjoyable. You select the brightness that suits you best with a dimmer.


Lighting Incident light and transmitted light
Lamp type LED
Magnification 400
Lens type Achromatic
Image scale 4 ,10 ,40
Eyepiece 10
Condensor no
Power supply Power pack


brightfield yes


Viewing posture (°) 45° oblique viewing, 360° rotating head
Focusing Coarse movement
Working distance (mm) 17 mm (4x), 5,8 mm (10x), 0,8 mm (40x)
Specimen stage Specimen stage (90 x 90 mm)
Type of build Monocular


Weight (g) 1100
Width (mm) 110
Height (mm) 290
Length (mm) 150
Suitable from 9
Colour white
Series VisioStar

Suitable for

Beginners yes
Advanced yes
Pros no

Field of application

Hobby – Amateur yes

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Βάρος 3 kg


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