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Shut The Box – Wooden Game (4 Players)


Roll the dice and add the numbers to get the total. For example if you throw 5 and 5 then the sum is 10. Then you can close one of the combinations that the sum offers you. In this case with a sum of 10 you can directly close the number 10 or one of the combinations (1+9), (2+8), (3+7), (6+4). Have fun!

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Unlike the original version, this game features four sets of numbers, one along each side of the game board. Players take turns to roll dice in the felted mid-section of the board in an attempt to get the numbers they need to shut all ten blocks in their section. It’s a fun and frantic family favourite that can be enjoyed competitively or co-operatively. It’s also a great way to teach and improve numeracy skills.

Suitable for boy & girl
Suitable for ages 5+


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