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Weather Ball


This weather ball is based on Goethe’s simple design for a barometer. 

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The glass globe is attached to a sturdy base with a funnel tube on one side. The liquid in the tube rises and drops depending on the weather. When the weather is fair, the air pressure is high and it keeps liquid from rising very much in the glass tube. When the weather is stormy, the low air pressure can’t push through the funnel as well, and so the liquid rises higher in the tube as the storm worsens. During severe weather, such as a tropical storm or tornado, the liquid in the weather ball would overflow! An instruction sheet is included to fill the globe properly and proof it so it is ready to show weather patterns.

History of Barometers:
The first barometer was created by an Italian scientist, Torricelli, in 1643. Torricelli’s invention was often referred to as a weatherglass. Weather glasses were commonly used by sailors to predict weather conditions. As time passed, the basic barometer changedvery little. Most of the early barometers were based on the use of a glass globe filled with water. Many of the early weather glasseswere made from fine hand-blown glass and beautiful hardwood stands.

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