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Solar toys are the ideal introduction for young researchers and explorers to learn about and experiment with the energy of the sun. For example, the new fischertechnik solar construction set “Solar Power” with its versatile solar models promises fun and variety when exploring the power of the sun. 

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Renewable energies – an exciting and important topic that has become more and more present in recent years, is currently very trendy and will become indispensable in the future! It is therefore all the more important that children are introduced to the concept right from the start and that the importance of solar energy is communicated in a playful way. As soon as the clouds disappear and the sun shines, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the airspace with the airplane and the helicopter. The windmill and the carousel are also in no way inferior to the other two models and turn as fast as they can when the sun shines. The combination of the solar module, which consists of four solar cells, and the solar motor is the heart of the solar models and makes a wide variety of experiments possible. The solar module captures the sun’s rays, which supply energy to the solar motor and serve as motive power for the helicopter’s rotor blades, for example. The basic concept of solar energy is taught in a child-friendly and playful way with the help of the “Solar Power” learning kit which enables children from the age of 8 to learn more about this exciting topic. In order to be able to understand the background of the technology of this kit even better, didactic accompanying information on the topic of solar is available online.

Top Facts:
  • Four different models
  • Solar energy as a driving force
  • Solar module included

Suitable for boy & girl
Suitable for ages 8+



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