Moving Sand Art – Ocean 20cm


Every time you turn the Dynamic Sand Picture Frame, you get a different image. It is fun and calming to watch the sand slowly fall and create a unique and beautiful scene

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HIGH QUALITY: Lead-free high transparency glass as clear crystal as the water drop allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of quicksand. Products’ detail is fine, carefully screened sand, colorful, levels clearly demarcated, flow out of the pattern of 3D effect is excellent; FRAME: Using new plastic frame, strong and durable, fresh and simple, beautiful and generous
WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA: Sand pictures are especially suitable for office workers, students, people who work beside the computer for a long time; It is also very suitable for art creators. They can watch the sand flow, very soothing, meditative, and inspiring of their own art. At the same time, it is also suitable for elders or friends to fill their free time;
MULTIUSAGE: The sand painting is suitable to be placed on the office desk to relax the eyes and soothe nerve; It is also suitable forliving room, bedroom, office, study, reception, exhibition dressing, holiday dressing, etc. to add an elegant style to the host, and at the same time have the function of developing inspiration and cultivating sentiment; highlighting your different artistic feelings;

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