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Players try to create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of 5 pieces (pentacles) with their symbol (the X or O) inside the structure, while preventing their opponent from doing it first.
Quixo seems to have a resemblance to trilogy – with one player having the O and the other player having the X and trying to make a line with their symbol – but that’s where the similarity ends. The symbols in Quixo are cubes that have an O on one side, an X on the other, and the other four sides are blank.
At the beginning of the game, players place the 25 cubes with the top sides blank at the base of the game. In a round, each player takes a cube that is empty, rotates it to show its symbol, and puts it back on the board by pushing one of the rows from which it has been removed (the horizontal or vertical row) to create a blank space. Thus, some pieces of the board change position each round and the cubes slowly change from empty to O and X. The game continues until someone is the first to form a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with five cubes bearing their own symbol – then they are the winner.
With instructions in Greek and English.

AGES: From 8 to 108 years old.

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