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Yoyo One Black


The YoYo One has the essential features, is super easy to use, and comes at a great price!

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It has a comfortable, modern butterfly shape, comes in a variety of colors, has interchangeable silicone response rings, bearings, and caps, and is made of extremely durable high-quality plastic.

The YoYo One is virtually maintenance-free as it does not need any special lubricant or lubrication, and assembly is simple with no complicated parts. It’s the perfect choice for beginner players! The thin Half Spec bearing is perfect for learning the basic yoyo movements. If you change the thin bearing to the SPEC bearing, the YoYo One becomes a top yoyo that allows you to do the most difficult tricks!


Technical Characteristics YoYo One

Bearing Size: C

Response system: Thin Pads size 19mm

Width (mm): 38

Diameter (mm) 52.72

Plan 1A / 3A / 5A

Weight (g) 58.3


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