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Get the most beautiful pics of the Milky Way with the MiniTrack LX3

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The Omegon MiniTrack LX3 is a compact photography mount that almost guarantees accomplished astropics – with both wide-angle and lightweight telephoto lenses. It is surprisingly simple to get gorgeous views of the cosmos – even if you think you don’t belong to the bunch of gifted astrophotographers.

Moreover, the MiniTrack LX3 does it all without electricity – it’s purely mechanical. The predecessor, the MiniTrack LX2, was already top-notch, but certain parts of the MiniTrack LX3 have been improved yet again, with a 60% increase in precision. So, look forward to wonderful pictures that will astound everyone. See for yourself and create gorgeous portraits in the blink of an eye.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • Take pictures of the night sky from anywhere in the northern hemisphere – successfully and effortlessly
  • Never needs charging – works via clockwork, so is independent of batteries and power sockets
  • Wind-up by pulling the cord and the mount will start operating immediately
  • Optimal for overview shots of the starry sky and using telephoto lenses up to about 300mm

The specific advantages of the MiniTrack LX3

  • More load-bearing capacity: the MiniTrack LX3 can support higher weights from now on i. e. cameras and equipment of up to 3 kg
  • A big Teflon bush ensures softer and more fluent motion
  • Even more customized: its stronger suspension system cushions or accelerates motions
  • CNC body: the casing is now even better, more beautiful and, above all, more stable
  • Optical polar finder for an exact adjustment to the celestial pole and impeccably precise tracked star pics

Additional information

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Computerised / GoTo, Equatorial


Astrophotography, Deep Sky



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