Omegon Laser Collimator


The Omegon Collimation Laser makes collimating children’s play!

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This sturdy laser unit allows you to swiftly and precisely collimate your Newtonian telescope. Only when the optics have been accurately collimated can the telescope offer you its full performance.

Light, robust and simple

The precision-made aluminium housing of the laser unit has a front opening from which the laser beam can be emitted. In order to obtain an optimal adjustment, it has a side window allowing a disk oriented at 45° with a central hole to be viewed.This can be then later be used to see whether the laser is reflected back on itself, indicating well collimated optics.

This adjustment tool can be used in all 1.25″ focusers.

The laser comes fully adjusted. It can however be further adjusted if required. It has three openings for adjustment, arranged at 120°, which are initially sealed. The battery for the laser can be exchanged at any time; the small screw cap at the rear of the laser must be first unscrewed to allow this.


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