Omegon 12×30 brass telescope


In the footsteps of the great explorers.

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Indulge yourself with this brass telescope and be transported back to the time of the ancient mariners. Experience the joys of exploring, just like Columbus and Co. But there is a difference to then – an old sailor, somehow transported, to our time, would be simply amazed at the quality of the optics.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • quality brass telescope furnished in synthetic leather
  • real glass, coated lens
  • 12X magnification – not too high for still providing a steady image when hand-held

Brass and leather telescopic telescope

The brass telescope is extendable, consisting of three sections. Once collapsed, it measures no more than 135mm in length. The synthetic, leather-furnished design makes it seem as if it could really have been transported directly from a traveling merchant of ancient times.

The brass gleams like gold in any light, making it a delight to look at. But it is also a lot of fun to look through.

12X magnification

Unlike at higher magnifications, holding a 12X magnification instrument by hand still provides a relatively still image. The image appears steady, and distant objects can be clearly and easily made out.

Coated lens for wonderful discoveries

The objective lens of the brass telescope has been coated, guaranteeing a clear view with sufficient contrast. The focus can be adjusted to your eye by means of the rotatable eyepiece. The 11mm diameter of the eyepiece means comfortable viewing, letting you observe for hours. But be careful, perhaps a pirate is sneaking up to ambush you!

Great fun for children too

Of course, you and your children can use the telescope for all the normal types of observing; but little pirates can also conquer the seas with it and perhaps capture the ‘couch-island’ in the living room. To sum up – it makes a great gift and is fun for the entire family.

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