Numberblocks Reusable Clings


Recreate the Numberblocks One to Ten on your whiteboard and bring the number magic from the award-winning Numberblocks TV series to life in news ways for young children. 

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Made from an innovative, durable material, Numberblocks Reusable Clings are easy to DIY, and can be repositioned over and over again. This set has all the pieces needed to recreate Numberblocks One to Ten with extra poses for Four, Five, Eight, Nine and Ten. Perfect for classrooms, they’re ideal for whiteboards.

  • Bring the number magic from the award-winning TV series to life with Numberblocks Reusable Clings!
  • Made from an innovative material, Numberblocks Reusable Clings are easy to DIY on a smooth surface such as a window or whiteboard. Simply position and press in place – there’s no adhesive needed. Gently peel to reposition or remove pieces.
  • Ideal for interactive whiteboard displays such as working walls in classrooms. Quick and easy to apply – saves teachers time.
  • The set comes with 8 sheets of clings with the 142 pieces needed to create the Numberblocks One to Ten, including their arms, legs, and facial features, as well as more poses for characters Four, Five, Eight, Nine, and Ten.
  • Numberblock One measures approximately 18cm tall, and the tallest is Numberblock Seven which measures approximately 70cm tall.
  • Results may vary when used on different surfaces. Recommended for use on whiteboards.
  • Caution: Results of the Clings may cause damage when used on different surfaces. Avoid using Clings on:
    • Newly painted surfaces
    • Surfaces with direct sunlight
    • Areas that are very humid or hot
  • Before prolonged use, test the Clings on a small area. Clings work best on smooth, clean surfaces.

Suitable for boy & girl
Suitable for ages 3+


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