Nada Board Game


All or… Nada?

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Players are trying to be the first to spot a combination of… or none at all! No combination? They shout “NADA!” and grab all the dice! The game is played in 3 rounds. In each round, players take 12 dice – 6 white and 6 orange – and roll them. Everyone simultaneously looks for a symbol that will appear on at least one white and one orange die! The first to reveal a combination collects the dice showing that symbol! If there is no combination, the first person to find a combination shouts “NADA!” collects all the dice! A dice game that boosts concentration and speed!

Contents: – 36 Dice – 1 Carrying Bag – Instructions in Greek

Skills: Visual perception – Motor skills – Social skills – Concentration and focused thinking

Persons 2 – 4 | Age 7 + | Duration 10 min | Duration 10 min


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