Mission to Space Board Game 50/50


Take part in space missions, discover the planets of our solar system and conquer as many as you can!

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From manning the spaceships to launching the rockets, the journey of planetary conquest will be full of adventure and action! Buckle up and prepare for launch or… a bumpy landing! Embark on the journey of planetary conquest! Once you reach a planet, you must answer correctly to conquer it. But be careful, because space hides traps and black holes that will make your journey more difficult.


1 board

40 question cards

20 mission cards

48 “conquest symbols”

4 astronaut pawns

4 bases for pawns

1 dice

Instruction sheet

Weight 0,670 kg
Assembly No
Box Dimensions (L x W x H) 27x 27×5,3 cm.
Age 8+
No. of Players 2-4

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