Mensa – Sudoku Cube


The Mensa Sudoku Cube is inspired by the classic Sudoku, one the most addictive number games found in newspapers around the world.

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  • The Sudoku Cube is sure to challenge even the most gifted 3D puzzle players and provide hours or fun and frustration for the rest of us!
  • Unlike the Rubik’s Cube, the Sudoku Cube features numbers instead of colours, allowing you to twist and turn to complete the challenge.
  • Each side presents a different challenge as you align the numbers 1-9. The same number cannot appear more than once on each side!
  • Created by the MENSA team, the cube is accompanied by bonus brainteasers to help get you into the puzzling mood!
  • Cube Dimensions: 5.5cm x 5.5cm x 5.5cm

Suitable for boy & girl
Suitable for ages 6+


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