Magnetic Force Science Lab Kit


This fun STEM kit brings science learning to life as budding young engineers experiment and learn about magnetic force in their own home laboratories. 

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Using real lab tools, this science lab kit offers a guided learning experience that prompts curiosity and cause-and-effect learning as children explore the science of magnets. The fact-filled Career & Lab Guide introduces kids to different magnet-related STEM careers including electrical engineer, medical technician, and particle physicist.

Learn about the laws of attraction and magnetic force in your own home laboratory with this fun science lab kit for curious young engineers.

  • This STEM kit offers a guided learning experience that introduces young scientists to magnetic force through experiments kids can do in their own home laboratories.
  • The kit has all kids need to do 9 hands-on, repeatable experiments. These are easy to follow and designed to introduce children to scientific learning, prompt curiosity, investigation, and cause-and-effect learning.
  • Learning about scientific concepts through purposeful play introduces children to concepts, lab tools and terminology they’ll encounter in a real-world lab environment.
  • The kit comes with a fact-filled Career & Lab Guide that introduces children to magnet-related STEM careers such as electrical engineer, medical technician, and particle physicist.

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Suitable for boy and girl
Suitable for ages 8+



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