Longcard 3D Day and night switch


The well-known and widespread postal greeting cards, now in… three Dimensions!

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With various designs and sizes, they combine 3D images on one side and space for wishes and sender/recipient on the other.

What’s special about these new cards is that the 3D effect doesn’t need glasses, but can be seen with the naked eye no matter how you look at it, delivering a perfect visual effect every time! With realistic patterns and colors and depth that simulates realistic images, there are many times when you feel like you can touch the 3D model depicted on each card!

This particular 3D Card, is the size of a large long and wide postcard (21 x 10) and depicts in three dimensions the Day and Night Alternation!

All cards are also collectible and are divided into the following categories:

– Solar System
– Dinosaurs
– Wild Animals
– Nature
– Sea
– Sweet Animals


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