Let’s Learn to Measure Activity Set


The Let’s Learn to Measure Activity Set provides children with a rich experience in understanding volume and fractional relationships through a variety of activities and manipulative. 

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Children use the Rainbow Fraction Measuring Cups along with a Nestable Bucket Balance, and MathLink Cubes to learn about volume, weight, length, height, capacity, and more.

Perfect for the classroom, this bright, colourful maths set is ideal for lessons on measurement for kids.

  • Use this set to help children learn measurement, explore basic fraction concepts and fractional equivalencies through hands-on activities.
  • The transparent, colour-coded cups match the Rainbow Fraction® Teaching System.
  • The measuring cups all have the same radius so that they’re equivalent proportions to their respective fraction sizes. This way kids can visually see the difference in the fraction sizes.
  • Includes 4 Rainbow Fraction® Measuring Cups, 1 Nestable Bucket Balance, 20 MathLink® Cubes, 10 Double-sided Activity Cards, and 1 Multilingual Guide.


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