Let’s Learn to Measure Activity Set


The Let’s Learn to Measure Activity Set provides children with a rich experience in understanding volume and fractional relationships through a variety of activities and manipulative. Children use the Rainbow Fraction Measuring Cups along with a Nestable Bucket Balance, and MathLink Cubes to learn about volume, weight, length, height, capacity, and more.

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Perfect for the classroom, this bright, colourful maths set is ideal for lessons on measurement for kids.

  • Use this set to help children learn measurement, explore basic fraction concepts and fractional equivalencies through hands-on activities.
  • The transparent, colour-coded cups match the Rainbow Fraction® Teaching System.
  • The measuring cups all have the same radius so that they’re equivalent proportions to their respective fraction sizes. This way kids can visually see the difference in the fraction sizes.
  • Includes 4 Rainbow Fraction® Measuring Cups, 1 Nestable Bucket Balance, 20 MathLink® Cubes, 10 Double-sided Activity Cards, and 1 Multilingual Guide.

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