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Jurassic Earth (STEAM Heroes)


Now kids can play “palaeontologist” with the Jurassic Earth STEM toy set! This STEM set levels up the dinosaur expertise and the scientific knowledge of children. Fun comes with building favourite models and using the motor to bring them in life. Using children’s intense interest to explore, the book engages with learning amazing facts about the Jurassic period, the giant creatures, fossils and flying lizards.

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Kids love dinosaurs – dinos are the ultimate child fantasy! They are big, real and extinct! But there is Science and Reality within this story of prehistoric ages. 

Jurassic Earth set from STEM Heroes collection includes:

– sturdy plastic parts made from ABS, for building five big dinosaur models: Brontosaurus, Pterodactylus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus!  

– 3D online building instructions. 3D building instructions are available also in the free Engino kidCAD App for Android & iOs, that inserts kid in developing 3D skills! Printed instructions for two of the bigger models are included in the box.

– STEM book, with amazing facts about Earth during Jurassic era, the Science of palaeontology, the types of dinosaurs and their fossils and all about their extinction. Enter the world of scientific experiments to discover the structure, the motion and the power of dinosaurs!  

– Quiz and online Experiments to play and start discovering the disciplines of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) while studying the structure, the motion and the power of dinosaurs!  


Get your child excited to gain STEM knowledge with the new Jurassic Earth set! The set contains 124 parts made from ABS and a booklet of 22 pages with theory, amazing facts, building instructions for 2 models and instructions to access the online experiments. 

A power motor is included with forward-reverse switch (2 x AAA batteries required, not included). 

No Shortcuts when it comes to Quality and Safety on our products: We strive to follow the strictest safety and quality standards, ensuring that children will just enjoy their fun pathway to success!

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