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Human Anatomy Torso 32pcs 13cm


Learn all about the main organs of the body

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This anatomy model has 32 fully detachable parts, so your child can enjoy taking apart the model to learn about human anatomy. Each part is hand painted with a quality finish.

The human body is a massively complex system of organs, bones and tissue; its a wonder that it functions at all with so many varied parts. Get a closer look at the upper portions of the human body with this detailed torso anatomy model. The model consists of 32 different pieces, a stand, and an assembly guide. The model is a genuine challenge to put together, but looks fantastic when finished. The model is of collectible quality, and you can build your own human anatomy museum by checking out our other 4D anatomy models, and adding them to your collection. This torso model is a great gift for the anatomy student in your life, and features kidneys, heart, stomach, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, liver, backbone, ribcage, skull, brain, and lungs. It is one of the most comprehensive and detailed small anatomy models out there.


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