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Glass Petri dish with lid, 100mm


Omegon 100mm Petri dish – for fun experimentation. Whether for soil, cell cultures or cultivating microorganisms – the Omegon Petri dish has countless uses. With a generous diameter of 100mm, your experiments are significantly easier to see than when using smaller Petri dishes.

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The advantages in a nutshell

100mm diameter – significantly more space for your experiments
comes complete with lid
high quality, manufactured from pure glass
15mm in height
autoclavable, for professional applications
Professional biological laboratory work begins with the Petri dish. These 100mm large dishes are perfectly suited for cultivating agar samples for example, or for aquarists who want to know more about the marine life of their fish, or simply for containing large insects and examining them under a stereo microscope.

Complete petri dish with lid

This petri dish comes with a lid for containing your specimens. There is a small gap between the upper and lower parts, allowing air to circulate.

Made from laboratory-quality glass

Transparent and with no streaking – the Petri dish glass is of real laboratory quality. So you will always enjoy a clear view of your experiments.

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