Experiment Lab – Chemistry in the Kitchen No. 1


Turn your kitchen into a chemical laboratory and experiment with materials you find around you!

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The set consists of 10 chemistry experiments and will help you enrich your knowledge of chemistry. Learn how to make lava, how to make plastic and… how to peel an egg without touching it! These and more will awaken your interest in learning more through endless hours of fun!

The set contains:

– 1 magnet
– 3 balloons
– 1 stirrer
– Baking colour


1.Creating a Volcano with Vinegar and Soda
2.Extraction of Iron from Cereals
3.Bath Bombs
4.Magic Milk
5.Creating Light with Sugar
6.Peel an Egg without touching it
7.Make Homemade Toothpaste
8.Make Your Own Yogurt
9.Make Your Own Glue
10.How to Pierce a Balloon without Bursting

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