Experiment Lab-10 Primary School Experiments No1


Set up your own experiment lab with this awesome kit containing 10 very interesting experiments. Build everything from your own eco-battery to compasses and telescopes in a simple and fun way.

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The set contains:

– 1 magnet
– 1 stirrer
– 3 balloons
– 1 pair of crocodile wires

All these will help you to perform the experiments successfully.


1.Make your own Ecological Battery from Lemon
2.Make your own Compass
3.Make your own Spark Plug!
4.Make a Hurricane in a Bottle
5.Make an Invisible Ink
6.Build a Homemade Fire Extinguisher
7.Build a Telephone
8.Grow your own Crystals
9.How to Inflate a Balloon with CO2
10.How to Build a Fountain

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