Dinosaurs Memory Game


How well can you remember objects you have seen before? If you were asked, who was the largest dinosaur that ever lived, what would you say? Play with the whole family and your friends a fun game, for all ages, that will exercise your memory and sharpen your observation skills.

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The pack contains 48 square cards and the rules are simple: You form a square with the cards turned upside down (face down).
Each player turns over two cards. Whoever finds two identical cards keeps them. If the pictures are not identical, he turns them face down again. Players must keep the positions of the cards in their memory so that when it is their turn they can turn over as many pairs as possible. The winner is the player who has won the most cards at the end.

But the game doesn’t stop here! With the memory and knowledge game “Dinosaurs”, you have the opportunity to enrich your knowledge of the dinosaur era, as the package includes a brochure with information about known and lesser known dinosaurs with their characteristics, such as their species, size, age, eating habits, places and the period they lived in.

* Suitable for children four years and older.


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